Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Blog Vlog & Messy bun with bow!!!

Hello beautiful people,

Well, well, well ...I did my first video log today !!!!!!!!I guess i was not to bad ... I still have the feeling that I'm ridiculous, but it is a matter of habit.I made a video of makeup and hairstyling ... the video make-up its not yet edited, but the video about the hairstyling'ready and you'll be able to see it already!I wanted to emphasize that I will make videos in French ... simply because I do not feel so confident speeking in English. I'll probably get some subtitles in English, because I would like to have readers and viewers from all over the world, and i dont want that to be a handicap.Sooooooooooooo .... and you beautiful? How's it going your day? I keep waiting for visits on my blog. I begin to feel a bit alone here ... :) I know it's a matter of time, but I'm impatient.
Right now I leave you with a video, and hope to see someone here, briefly...

Sorry i didnt have the time to download it in full hd... 
Go to my youtube channel and watch it bigger.

Coming next...

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  1. moi je voudrai des conseils pour se maquiller les yeux, je suis vraiment nulle la dedans ;p