Thursday, September 15, 2011

OPI cracker & Bad gal Lash by Benefit

 INFO: I've made a video when i first start the blog, but wasnt good due to low light, and i didnt post it. In this video I was explaining that i'll do vlogs in French... I can speack English and i understand perfectly, but i feel much more confident talking French cause the words flow much better, without strangling myself lol :P Obviously ill do some subtitles or expleining text, cause i want readers and followers from all over the world , wich probably will not understand French. Thank you for understandig! VA

 Bad gal Lash by Benefit

Today I tryed the Bad Gal Lash mascara from Benefit and personnaly, I'm completly... in loooooooovvvveeeeeeeeee <3 To be honest i'm not realy a big buyer of mascara, but the truth is that we must change them every 3 months! This mascara have the 3 ideals!! Volume, rolls the eyelashes perfectly and they appears that they have de double of there size :D Worth it to spend a few bucks on it!
You can see the result on the next photos, enjoy it :

I've done a little video about how to use the nailpolish cracker by OPI. Because i went to Sephora here in luxemburg, and actually the girl who work there, told me that the most of clients dont know how to use thos glaze, and return the store to say that the coating is damaged lol becaus they dont now the use of it. So there's a little explenation in French about "this cracker" :p

What to buy?

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  1. Nice blue color :)
    Maria V.