Wednesday, September 14, 2011

OOTD: Stay classy in black & Friend Style Review

Even if i want to see more color in my closet, black will always be one of my favorite colors.
Basiclly... my everyday clothes, alway have a touch of black...
Today i was all black, with the exception of brown and silver accessories.
I think.. if we make good use of black clothes, it can become very elegant and CLASSY!!
Nothing better than a strong lipstick to bring some color to your outfit :)

Make up (no foudation 2 day! let breath your skin sometimes):
-Black khol
-Red Lipstick

-Transparent black shirt (H&M)
-Black leggings with midle splice (CAMAIEU)
-Brown belth from one of my friends <3 
-Brown high heels (GLAM BOUTIQUE)
-Silver ring & silver earrings (PARFOIS)
-Leopard flats , cause its hard to work hall day in high heels (ZARA)

Cyn, 25


-Denin Jacket (BERSHKA)
-T-shirt & denin baggy pants (ZARA)
-Purse (GUESS)
-Headband (H&M)
-Sunglasses (STORE IN MIAMI)

VADD- Do you like fashion?
CYN- yeah!! of course!:) I especially like unusual peaces of clothes. Colorsssssssss!!!! I love colors!!
VADD- What is your favorite peace of clothing for now?
CYN- My colorful leggings from "NEW YORKER"
VADD- Tell me about..... SHOES?!
CYN- You already know... that i LOOOOOOOOOOVE shoes!!! Love high heels, sneakers, every kind of shoes that matches me! (Cyn has a huuugeeee collection of shoes <3)
VADD- Whats your favorite pair of shoes by now?
CYN- One pair that i boought in "ALDO" from the GLOBAL BIZAR edition.
VADD- Make up?
CYN- yeah... i like... but not when its 2 much.Im not very handy with make up, but i handle it when i need. And you now... i want that BLUE lipstick!!!
VADD- Thank you Cyn :)


  1. Cyn is soooooooo fashion,luv her crazy style :)

  2. She's the most stylisht girl in Luxembourg!!!